Highway 168 reopens at the Four Lanes, potholes temporarily patched

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Sunday, January 8, 2023
Highway 168 reopens at the Four Lanes, potholes temporarily patched
Heading up to the snow? Highway 168 reopens at the Four Lanes towards Shaver Lake with potholes temporarily patched.

FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- A steady line of cars drove down Highway 168 near Prather after many people chose to visit the snow.

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China Peak was filled with skiers - good news for the ski resort. Which was impacted by the storm - and the rockslide on Highway 168 the wet weather caused.

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"It's been a busy week with the weather," California Highway Patrol officer Justice Jones says. "Obviously the rock slide at the 4 lane has been big news, we've had to move around that."

Saturday afternoon - CalTrans was able to clear the rocks and fully reopen the road.

"I also saw there were potholes and indentions in the roadway," Elizabeth Yelton from CalTrans says. "Those have been temporarily filled so there were issues above and beyond the rock being moved out of the area as well."

With all lanes of Highway 168 open - CHP is now shifting focus to keeping drivers heading up to the snow safe.

"When you come out to the mountains, we always ask you to be patient. Plan ahead, give yourself plenty of time," Jones says.

All drivers heading up to higher elevations are required to carry chains in their vehicle - even if they have 4-wheel drive.

And it's important to remember to only stop to play in the snow in designated areas.