LATINO LIFE: ABCs of Water Safety

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Hot weather means more children and families are hanging out near cool water. Sadly, it also means more reports of drownings and accidents near waterways.

Carlos Flores is the Trauma Coordinator at Valley Children's Hospital. He shared the ABCs of Water Safety with Latino Life host Graciela Moreno. Watch the video for more tips.

A is for ACTIVE Adult Supervision - no distractions including cell phones! If the child is under 5 years, it should be TOUCH supervision. You are no farther away from the child than arm's length.

B is for BARRIERS. Examples are fences and life jackets. These things buy you time to get to the child before they "escape" adult supervision.

C is for Classes. Swim Lessons and CPR are the two most important.

Valley Children's Hospital is seeing a significant increase in the number of pediatric large body of water injuries (vs pools). U.S. Coast Guard Approved life jackets are critical. Type I and II should be used for rivers and lakes. Type III would be suitable for a pool. The life jacket also needs to be the correct weight and style for the child. Check out the video and links for more tips.

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