It's a left-handers paradise at Lefty's Pier 39

ByVictoria Vallecorse Localish logo
Wednesday, February 8, 2023
It's a left-handers paradise at Lefty's Pier 39
Left-handed? You've come to the right place.

SAN FRANCISCO -- The colorful exterior of Lefty's at Pier 39 beckons all to a left-handed paradise! Step inside, and surround yourself with everything from kitchen items to school supplies designed specially for lefties.

"We say, 'Welcome home,' because it feels like home," said Andrea De los Monteros, the Director of Merchandise at Lefty's. "Finally, something is made just for them."

As you stroll through the store, you'll find images of famous lefties on the walls, including Barack Obama, Oprah, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Lionel Messi, and more.

Peruse through a wide array of left-handed merchandise - scissors, can openers, mugs, pens, notebooks, and the list goes on!

"We live in a right-handed world, and for people who are left-handed there really isn't any place else where they can get these items," explained Lefty's owner Margaret Majua.

"These have been a life-saver," said one of the customers holding the left-handed scissors. "I feel like every left-handed person should have left-handed scissors."

Lefty's arms left-handers of all ages with the right tools in an effort to improve their quality of life and work.

"Sometimes it's frustrating, especially for little kids, they don't understand why their brain works differently, why they're using their hand differently from their classmates," described Monteros. "With the right tool, it will make them prosper."

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Be sure to visit the Lefty's at Pier 39 and shop Lefty's The Left Hand Store on Amazon.