Michael Bloomberg: How former New York mayor is courting California voters -- Chasing California 2020

ByLiz Kreutz KGO logo
Thursday, January 23, 2020
Here's how former NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg is courting Calif. voters
What's former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's game plan to stand out for California voters? To understand his thinking, ABC7 News recently went behind-the-scenes with Bloomberg during a visit to Northern California.ABC7 News recently went behind-the-scenes with Michael Bloomberg during a visit to Northern California.

SAN FRANCISCO -- When you ask a Californian what they know about Michael Bloomberg, it's likely you'll hear two things: He's from New York, and he's rich.

Yes, both are true. But as the billionaire former New York mayor makes his run at the White House, he's working to let voters get to know him beyond that narrative.

CHASING CALIFORNIA 2020: ABC Owned Stations Original Limited Series about political fight for California

Ask him about the criticism he spends his own money on the race and he'll tell you the most important thing is to beat President Trump ("If that that isn't a good investment with my money," he recently told ABC, "I don't know what is.")

Bloomberg is an anomaly in the race. He's been nonchalant about not qualifying for the debates-- and for skipping over the early voting states in favor of a strategy focused on Super Tuesday.

But with that comes a focus on yes, California.

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So what's his game plan? And how does he plan to stand out?

To understand his thinking, an ABC reporter recently went behind-the-scenes with Bloomberg during a visit to Northern California. The day began in Stockton -- with the young, African-American mayor of Stockton Michael Tubbs -- and ended overlooking the Embarcadero in the office of former San Francisco mayor Willy Brown.

The answer, we found, seems comes down to money, advertising and a network of mayors.

Chasing California is an ABC Owned Television Stations Original Limited Series about the political fight for California.

Now more than ever, California votes will matter in determining the presidential nominee.

And stuff's about to get real.

The "Move to March" pushed the primary into the Super Tuesday mix--raising the stakes for the nation's most populous state. Now going into Super Tuesday, hundreds of delegates and millions of dollars are up for grabs. The Democratic nominee is undecided and unaffiliated and first-time voters are flexing their power. So, how do candidates harness that power? What lengths will they go to capture those golden votes in the 2020 California Primary?

Join the chase. Go inside the campaigns, and behind-the-scenes for one-on-one, exclusive access to the candidates. Hear from the people. Learn what it will take to win their votes.

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