'A' for effort, but wrong letter used for 'Reggae' promotion in Northwest Fresno

Logan's Roadhouse in Northwest Fresno is really excited about their new Wednesday night promotion "Jamaican Me Nuts - Reggae and Tropical Music." However, that excitement may have led to a strange spelling of the word "Reggae" on a sign that can be seen by drivers in the area of Blackstone and Alluvial.

The sign was spelled with the word "Raggae", using an 'a' instead of an 'e'.

When contacted today by ABC30, the restaurant said the promotion is going well, and that a vendor that supplied the sign may have been responsible for the improper spelling.

According to Dictionary.com, 'reggae' is a form of pop music that originated in Jamaica, combining elements of calypso and rhythm and blues with a strongly accentuated offbeat. Bob Marley was the first internationally known reggae musician.
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