What People Think After Seeing 'The Interview'

Though "The Interview" wasn't very well received by some critics, the controversy surrounding the film drove viewers to download it, even those who don't count themselves as a Seth Rogen fan.

The film, which shows James Franco as a fictitious celebrity talk show host and Rogen as his producer who are asked by the CIA to assassinate North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, was initially pulled from theaters after threats were made by a hacker group that the US government has linked to the seclusive country.

Rotten Tomatoes has critics evenly split with a 50 percent rating though the audience rating came in higher, at 72 percent. Social media reaction appeared along similar lines, with more favorable posts about the film than negative, though quite a few admitted they were only viewing the film out of a perceived patriotic duty.

Here is a sample of the reaction on Twitter.

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