Neymar Jr.'s note no help in German domination

ByDomenick Candelieri WABC logo
Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Before the Germany vs. Brazil match, injured superstar Neymar Jr. posted a heartfelt thank you note to all of his fans on his Facebook wall. The post went viral:

If only the Brazilian forward knew what would happen next..

You'd think his note would act as some type of motivation for his teammates, right? Wrong, completely wrong!

After the first half, the Brazilians went down five goals - unheard of in the soccer world. The Germans could careless, as they kept their foot on the gas, adding two more goals and winning the match 7-1.

To perform the way Brazil did, on home soil, in a World Cup semi-final match, with everything on the line, was downright shocking and embarrassing. No one expected this type of play, especially with the type of history they possess.

Now, the country has to endure the painful healing process from this awful World Cup exit.