37-year-old man killed in double shooting in northwest Fresno identified

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Thursday, May 2, 2024
37-year-old man killed in double shooting in northwest Fresno identified
The man who was killed in a double shooting in northwest Fresno has been identified as 37-year-old Xavier Gladney.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A deadly Tuesday evening in Northwest Fresno.

"Officers immediately performed life-saving measures," said Lt. Paul Cervantes with the Fresno Police Department. "Unfortunately, despite these life-saving measures -- Mr. Gladney was pronounced deceased."

Fresno police say 37-year-old Xavier Gladney was killed, and they say 33-year-old Darren Williams pulled the trigger.

Now they're trying to find and arrest him.

"There is a warrant in the system for Mr. Williams for murder and also for assault with a deadly weapon, and we are asking for the public for any information leading to the arrest," said Lt. Cervantes.

Lt. Cervantes says both the victim and the suspect have an extensive criminal history and were a part of the same gang.

"In 2013, Mr. Williams was, in fact, arrested for a murder in the area of Sierra Madre and Cedar -- he was arrested and booked for murder," said Lt. Cervantes.

Police say he only spent three years in prison before his release for a prior violation.

"We have laws that are in place in California that make some of these crimes -- the sentence is not very long," said Lt. Cervantes. "I really do think that Mr. Williams should have been in custody."

While Northwest Fresno is known for being one of the safest areas in the city, neighbors told Action News the area of Fairmont and Holt -- has been plagued by violence.

"We just hear gunshots. The first month we moved in here, there were just gunshots going off," said nearby neighbor, Brenda Juniel.

"Despite the fact that we have made it abundantly clear to everybody in that neighborhood-that we have video policing, that we are recording criminal activity-people still engage in this criminal activity," said Lt. Cervantes.

Less than two weeks ago -- 44-year-old David Holliman was shot steps away from Tuesday's shooting, he died in the hospital Saturday.

While no arrests have been made in either case, law enforcement says there is no reason for people to fear for their safety.

"As is the case with Mr. David Hollimon, I think it's important to know that victim in that case, and Mr. Xavier Gladney -- were specifically targeted," said Lt. Cervantes.

If you know where Williams is, you're asked to call Fresno Police.

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