New juicery opens in Oakhurst

OAKHURST, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresh fruit and juices are made every day at Oakhurst's newest business, Glow Juicery.

Christina Welborn, Glow Juicery owner, and her husband Cheyenne, are the proud owners of the new shop, located near Vons.

After juicing for a decade and seeing shops in LA, they decided to open their own eatery.

Glow Juicery sells everything from smoothies to bowls.

They make their own nut milks as well as fresh juice every day.

"We always juice enough for the day, that way it's not sitting on the shelf. All our juice lasts 72 hours in the bottle," said Cheyenne Welborn.

Cheyenne says juicing helped him lose weight and he's passionate about the health benefits.

Local customers are happy to see more options in town.

"We do not have enough healthy options. We have pizza, a lot of pizza, fast food, so this is a nice change," said Stacy Roeder, an Oakhurst resident.

The mother and father have invited their eight kids to be a part of the business operations. Some of the kids take orders or make smoothies.

"Everybody has had their hand in their juice bar in some way or another," Welborn said.

The family business has caught the eye of Mountain residents.

"It's been more than I could've ever expected. I figured people would trickle in. We don't' have Jamba Juice here anymore, so we were cool for the smoothies, but the juice community is very big and people are really into health these days," Welborn said.

Their hope is to help people to glow from the inside out.

Glow Juicery has plans to expand and open a juice bar in Coarsegold sometime this summer.
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