It's Friday the 13th and Fresnans are making their own luck

Paraskevidekatriaphobia: the fear of Friday the 13th.

Typically associated with a series of horror films, this "Friday the 13th" is thought to be especially spooky because it's paired with the harvest moon.

Downing Planetarium Director, Dr Steven White says, "(with a harvest moon) you're going to have light all night long so if you wanted to stay up and do the work you can do that."

Superstitious chatter is on the rise, but not for Jacob Minafo. He says, "I'm a glazer, so I break a lot of glass I break a lot of mirrors so I can't believe in bad luck or stuff like that."

At the Valley Animal Center, the region's largest no-kill shelter, there are plenty of black kittens to senior cats looking for their forever homes.

"They stay around a lot longer in an adoption center. They get picked over quite a bit," says Business development manager Devon Gillard.

And for those who have them, Friday the thirteenth and Halloween are days they recommend keeping your black cats indoors.

Newlyweds Joanne and Ronald Keeping are making their own luck. They met by chance after Ronald's stroke. Instead of being an in-home nurse, Joanne became his lifelong companion.

Ronald says meeting Joanne was "the first time I had someone I could actually sit down and talk to."

"We talked for two and a half hours and a couple days later he asked me out to go to dinner," says Joanne.

They may not be superstitious, but they made Friday the thirteenth one they'll never forget.

The Keepings were one of 12 couples to get married at the Fresno County Clerk's Office. That's actually about half of what they typically do on a Friday.
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