Goslings raise dry basin concerns in Northeast Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Northeast Fresno residents were up in arms over the draining of a ponding basin. They're concerned over the health of baby geese.

Once the call goes out, the goslings know it's time to hit the water. Canada geese often make their home at local ponding basins. There's plenty to eat and room to swim.

But Cynthia Weber was stunned by what she saw in her backyard. Weber said, "We've been watching all the time we're watching. It got lower and lower and then it was just gone."

The water in the storm water basin on Cedar near Sierra was pumped out and diverted to another basin. The geese were left high and dry.

Weber said, "They got a lot of babies right now but we got worried because the water was going, and the babies can't fly because the geese come and go."

Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District facilities manager Paul Allen said eight of the system's 150 basins were closed for maintenance. Allen explained, "We come into a basin like this every 4 or 5 years. We'll drain it like this. We'll go in with heavy equipment, scrape that top level of silt off before it gets to hazardous levels."

But that wasn't good enough for some residents. Pools were set out so the geese would have water to drink. But goslings go wherever they can find food even if it's against the wishes of their parents on the other side of the fence.

Allen said, "It is a public concern. That's why we have special signs we put on the basins."

When they're big enough, mother goose will take her goslings into the neighborhood to show them other edible goodies.

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