Weed Rules: Understanding Prop 64

Understanding Prop 64 and the changes to California's marijuana laws for adults 21 and over.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Fresno County Sheriff's Office posted the major changes to marijuana laws since the passage of Prop 64. Many of the rules go into effect immediately and there has been some confusion as to what is legal and what is not.

For a comprehensive list visit www.fresnosheriff.org

Under the provisions of California's Proposition 64, adults 21 and older may legally grow up to six marijuana plants inside a home, possess one ounce of marijuana and possess eight grams of concentrated marijuana. However, it is illegal to use in public, be under the influence while driving or possess on school grounds. Only licensed businesses will be permitted to sell marijuana for recreational use.

Marijuana use and cultivation remains illegal under federal law.

Fresno County enforces a strict ban on all cannabis cultivation where more than six plants are present. Violations could result in several consequences:

1. Growers can be arrested.

2. Growers can face heavy fines starting at $1,000 per plant.
3. Property owners, including family members, can be fined too.
4. Prop. 215/SB 420 compliance will not stop enforcement.
5. Additional fines, interest, legal fees and costs of abatement can be charged.
6. County can place lien on property for unpaid fines.

The Sheriff's Office takes all tips seriously and encourages the public to report suspected marijuana grow sites. If you are aware of any type of illegal drug activity, report it anonymously by calling the Narcotics Hotline at 1-800-660-1086 or Email: drugtip@fresnosheriff.org
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