Central Valley to see first stretch of triple-digit temperatures in 2024

Temperatures are forecasted to reach as high as 108 degrees across parts of the Valley on Thursday.

Wednesday, June 5, 2024
Action News Accuweather Forecast
Action News Accuweather Forecast

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Central Valley is forecasted to see its first stretch of triple-digit temperatures in 2024.

An Excessive Heat Warning will be in effect across the Valley from 11 am Wednesday to 8 pm Friday.

Temperatures are forecasted to reach as high as 108 degrees across parts of the Valley on Thursday.

Here's a look at your Accuweather forecast from the ABC30 weather team.

After Friday, temperatures will slightly dip into the high 90s before another chance of triple-digit temperatures next week.


With the rapid increase in temperatures, there is also an increased risk for heat-related illnesses.

Some of the symptoms of heat exhaustion include being faint or dizzy, excessive sweating, muscle cramps and clammy skin.

If you feel you are experiencing heat exhaustion, get to a cool place with air conditioning and hydrate if conscious.

Heat stroke is a medical emergency and requires immediate attention.

Some of the symptoms of heat stroke include a throbbing headache, no sweating, a rapid, strong pulse and possibly losing consciousness.

If someone is experiencing heat stroke, call 911 immediately for proper medical attention.


While the temperatures will be hot, there are a multitude of ways to stay cool and keep yourself and others safe.

Staying hydrated is one of the best ways to avoid a heat-related illness. That includes drinking water and any sort of electrolytes.

Even if hydrated, it's also important to take breaks if you have to be outdoors. Get to air conditioning or shade for some relief.

The sun is usually at its strongest in the afternoon. If possible, stay indoors during that time period.

On top of humans staying safe, it's also important to keep our furry friends out of the heat.

Walking them at the hottest parts of the day could also make them dehydrated. The hot pavement can also damage their paws.

Make sure that it's cool for your pets and that they're getting water.


Hotter days are returning to Central California and not everyone has access to air conditioning to escape the heat.

Authorities in Valley cities and counties have opened designated cooling centers for the public.

The centers are meant to provide relief to residents in need of an escape from the Valley's scorching summer.

For a full list of cooling centers in Central California, click here.