Exhibit at Arte Americas letting you engage with Spanish literature

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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
Exhibit at Arte Americas letting you engage with Spanish literature
Arte Americas in Downtown Fresno is known for bringing life to every exhibit.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- In Mexico City, a historic street, Calle Donceles, is lined with used bookstores where thousands of stories can be found.

On June 21, you can taste Calle Donceles's magic at Arte Americas in Downtown Fresno through a powerful exhibit.

The exhibit, "Libreria 'Donceles," was created by artist Pablo Helguera and premiered in New York in 2013.

He aimed to address the need for bookstores serving the growing Hispanic communities.

It's being set up at Arte Americas and will be in the Central Valley until December.

It was a full circle moment for Arianna Paz Chavez, who was working in New York 11 years ago.

"I had the opportunity to see it for the very first time in a small gallery in Chelsea, and if you had told me that I would be bringing this project to the Central Valley, I probably would not have believed you, but I am very excited to share this with everyone here at home," she said.

Chavez says the exhibit is unique, allowing the community to interact and engage with Spanish literature.

"You will be invited to pull a book off the shelf, explore it with your senses, sit, read, enjoy, have a cup of coffee," Chavez said.

People can also take one of the over 8,000 books home for any donation.

Chavez hopes the community will take advantage of the opportunity to explore Spanish Literature and connect with others.

"I am excited to see Arte be a space for those conversations," she said.

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