Fresno City Council to hold public hearing for proposed Northwest Costco location

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Wednesday, March 6, 2024

FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Fresno City Council will hold a public hearing on Thursday to discuss a proposed Costco. That warehouse will be at the intersection of Herndon Avenue and Riverside Drive in Northwest Fresno

The site would include 32 gas pumps, more than 800 parking spots, and a4,800 square-foot car wash. That's in addition to the warehouse building, which would 219,216 square-foot.

Fresno City leaders said it would be one of the largest Costco sites in our area

"It's going to provide 300- 500 construction jobs," said Fresno Mayor Jerry Dyer. "Which stimulates our economy."

There will also be off-site improvements. Such as sidewalks, construction of West Spruce Avenue, and traffic signals.

Action News spoke with shoppers at the Costco on West Shaw Avenue. Some said they're looking forward to the more extensive site.

"More room. Over here it's too crowded," said Dora Vella of Fresno.

At Thursday's public hearing city leaders will hear a staff presentation about the proposed site. If approved, Costco would be able to move forward with its plans.

"It's going to be an added convenience for people," said Dyer. "It will be a fulfillment center where people can order online and either pick up their item at the store or have that item delivered to them."

Kevork Hagopian lives in the neighborhood next to the proposed site. He's been there for about six years and is firmly against the Costco being built near his home.

"The roads are not made for it," said Hagopian. "For us, it's the inconvenience of coming in and coming out. Too many cars coming in and going out."

The Environmental Impact Report cited four unavoidable impacts. Including an increase in construction noise levels and overall transportation impacts

"There are things that can be mitigated," said Dyer, "I'm very confident that Costco is going to do all those things that will mitigate the traffic congestion and any air quality concerns."

Mayor Dyer said he hopes to see the new Costco built sometime before December next year.

Action News also contacted Fresno Councilmember Mike Karabassi, who represents that area. He said he can't comment until Thursday's hearing. But he encourages people to write to the planning department with their comments.

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