California town with a population of six up for sale

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A desert town with a population of six is up for sale.

Nipton is located near the California, Nevada border.

A realtor has been hired to sell the entire town, all 80 acres, its properties and the solar panels that allow Nipton to operate 50 percent off-the-grid. The asking price: $ 5 million.
"It's quiet except for the trains and I don't even hear the trains anymore," resident Jim Eslinger said. "I sleep right through them. If you own the town you can call yourself the mayor if you want to because you have all the votes."

The realtor says there are about six serious buyers looking at Nipton right now, including individuals and companies. He says the right buyer needs the money of course but also the vision to match the town's potential.
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