New family-friendly street art gallery opens in Atwater

MERCED COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- Street artists are getting the chance to shake up the local art scene with the opening of Red's Galleria in the Merced County town of Atwater.

"I've always been a fan of street art, always enjoying it. Driving around the country, it's something you see everywhere you go," said owner Albert Lewis.

Lewis recently came up with the idea for Red's Galleria after he discovered there was no place around for anyone to legally spray paint.

The former truck driver is hoping his shop will give taggers an outlet to be creative while offering them a chance to legitimize their work.

Not only can anyone create their own artwork here, but there are also unique pieces that can be purchased.

"Along with providing for the artist to go legally and safe place, I also wanted to validate them as far as making a living from their art form, just like every other artist does with their art form," Lewis said.

You don't need any experience with graffiti art. This family-friendly galleria provides the paint and canvas and is open to anyone.

Barber Jacob Martinez says Red's Galleria offers him a chance to be creative while perfecting his artistic side.

"This is awesome. It's a place you can come if you're an experienced artist, a new artist, it's just a nice getaway from life and a nice way to express yourself," said Martinez.

"From young to old, any walk of life, if you have the spark of creativity where you just want to put something on canvas, then that's the type of artist that we want here at Red's Galleria," Lewis said.

An art auction will be held at the Tarmac Taproom the first week of November -- with the artist getting 85% commission on their piece.
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