New IMAX screen, new lighting, new carpet: An inside look at River Park's revamped Regal Theater

Regal also now offers both the multi-screen ScreenX and the immersive 4DX technology.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- People ready to go back to the movies won't recognize the inside of the Regal Theater at River Park.

It's scheduled to reopen on Friday and it's definitely not the place you all remember.

It's still a work in progress but the lobby has taken on a very different look.

You can now buy tickets inside. The snack bar offers self-serve choices.

River Park Vice-President of Marketing Tracy Kashian says movie-goers will like what they've done with the place.

"Everything has been redone, from the seats to new projectors, new lighting, carpet, new concessions, bar, floor, new window entry. It's pretty amazing," Kashian says.

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The old Edwards Theater opened in 1998 with an old Hollywood theme.

The sequel offers a modern feel. No more dancing ladies on the wall.

A new IMAX screen is now in place.

Regal also now offers both the multi-screen ScreenX and the immersive 4DX technology.

"It's a whole new experience. Your chair moves. Wind's being blown. There's scents that come up that you smell. You feel like you're in the movies," says Kashian.

New seats have been installed. 13 of the 19 theaters are ready to go and at this point, they'll be at 50% capacity.

Outside the theater, the work is not quite finished.

But that old 21 sign would be a great addition to the Big Fresno Fair collection.

You still must wear your mask inside, unless you're eating.

The Regal Theater at River Park will go through three inspections on Friday.

If all goes well, the theater can start bringing people back inside for a brand new experience.
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