Creeks swell with water in Madera County, several evacuation warnings remain in place

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Saturday, March 11, 2023

MADERA COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- In Madera County, many families are under evacuation warnings Friday night.

Water has risen in multiple creeks and waterways throughout the community of Oakhurst.

This is a very different scene from just a few days ago.

On Tuesday, it was a very different scene.

Tree crews were pulling debris out of the Fresno River so the water could flow properly.

The county hired Arbor Works, LLC. to clear the area in preparation for the atmospheric river storm that has passed through the community. Dan Rule, a resident I spoke to, is part of the rotary club. He's in charge of making sure trails are safe in the area. Rule wants people in Oakhurst to be careful if they must go outdoors.

"There are areas that are very dangerous in the lower areas and on the highways where there are hillsides. There are mudslides. Definitely don't want people out looking at what's going on. So yeah, just stay dry, stay safe and stay home," said Rule.

The water is moving very fast along the Fresno River.

If you're in Madera County and need help, call (559) 675-7770, or 911 for emergencies.