River Park security guards uninjured after theft suspects shoot at them, police investigating

ByJessica Harrington and ABC30.Com Staff KFSN logo
Saturday, August 7, 2021
River Park security guards uninjured after suspects shoot at them
The Fresno Police Department says around 5:30 pm, the guards were following up on a theft at the Old Navy in the shopping center.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A theft at the River Park Old Navy store ended in a shooting nearby.

Fresno police said security guards tracked down the suspect vehicle and that's when shots rang out.

It happened around 5:30 Friday evening.

Fresno police say security was following up on the theft at Old Navy when they tracked down the suspect vehicle, a silver Honda CR-V, on Abby St. and Pinedale Avenue.

"The occupants of that vehicle fired several rounds at the security guards that were in their vehicle," said Lt. Paul Cervantes with the Fresno Police Dept.

The security guards were not injured, but their vehicle was hit.

Fresno Police were called and officers rushed to the scene.

"Fortunately for us, the security system at the River Park shopping center is very good. We were able to obtain video surveillance footage that yielded a license plate," said Lt. Cervantes.

The vehicle was registered to a house on Ashlan Avenue, just west of Blackstone Avenue.

Undercover officers surrounded the home until a woman who matched the description of one of the suspects left in the suspect vehicle.

Officers pulled her over at a nearby Walmart and detained her as they continued their investigation.

Back at the house, officers called out two men who were inside and detained them as well.

Police believe one of those men is the second suspect who was involved in the theft and shooting.

For shoppers in the area Friday night, news of what unfolded came as a shock.

"I feel like I see that a lot in big cities and I'd like to think that it doesn't happen here, but it does. It's unfortunate," said Kylie Wintz.

Fresno police say working together quickly with the security team helped bring everything to a safe conclusion.

"This is a testament to the fact that we're very fortunate that River Park has great video surveillance system and that we have security guards who were able to provide us with real-time information that led us to this location," said Lt. Cervantes.

At last update, police said no official arrests had been made because they were waiting on a search warrant to search the home and vehicle for possible merchandise or a firearm.