Robin Roberts prepares to say 'I do': All the details of her upcoming wedding

The 'GMA' co-anchor is marrying her fiancee Amber Laign after an 18-year romance.

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Monday, August 28, 2023
Robin Roberts and Amber Laign prepare for wedding day
The happy couple lets "GMA" tag along during a dress fitting and cake tasting ahead of the big day.

NEW YORK -- "Good Morning America" co-anchor Robin Roberts is almost ready to get married.

Roberts and her fiancée Amber Laign are less than two weeks away from saying "I do" after an 18-year romance.

With the countdown on for their wedding day, Roberts and Laign are giving "GMA" viewers a behind-the-scenes look at their road to the ring.

Tune into "GMA" all this week for more details on everything from their wedding dresses to their flowers, wedding cake and more.

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The fun of wedding planning

After being a couple for 18 years and deciding to wed late last year, both Roberts and Laign said the journey of planning their wedding has been something they never thought they'd experience.

"It's been fun watching sweet Amber, just watching her get emotional and having fun and giggling," Roberts said. "That's been the best part of it."

"I never really thought I would be doing this, ever," Laign added. "Just having it all unfold and discovering parts of myself I didn't really know were there. It's been fun."

After a marriage proposal in late 2022 that included "calamari rings," Roberts and Laign tapped an expert, a wedding planner, to help them execute their big day.

The wedding planning has been full-steam ahead since January, when Roberts announced on "GMA" that she and Laign planned to wed in 2023.

The wedding gowns

Roberts and Laign are both wearing dresses from on their wedding day that will be a surprise to everyone, each other included.

The couple did some of their wedding dress shopping together with designers Mark Badgley and James Mischka, but are keeping their final choices a secret.

"The final fitting, we're doing separately," Roberts said. "I want us to each see each other in the final dress for the first time on the wedding [day]."

The wedding theme

Like the dresses, many of the wedding details will only be revealed on the big day, but Laign gave a hint of how she wants the wedding to feel.

"The wedding is the feeling of an enchanted garden," Laign said. "Our colors are white, blush, pink, a little bit of green, ethereal."

The wedding cake

One of the best parts of wedding planning is the cake tasting, a tradition in which both Roberts and Laign partook.

The couple said at Vincenzo Salvatore Cakes, they tasted everything from a brown butter banana cake to one with an orange ginger flavor before deciding on the perfect choice for their guests to enjoy.