Born to run: The legend of Sonny Kasianowitz

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Wednesday, August 23, 2023
Born to run: The legend of Sonny Kasianowitz
Sonny Kasianowitz is easy to find at Houston's Memorial Park. "Sonny K." loves bright colors, has a unique running style, and spends over 300 days a year at the park.

HOUSTON, Texas -- Sonny Kasianowitz says he spends around 300 days a year at Houston's Memorial Park. He arrives in his van, sunbathes, reflects, and then runs on the parks famous Seymour Lieberman Trail. Sonny K. has been an athlete most of his life, but says running didn't come naturally.

"I just started doing it, even though I didn't like it," said Kasianowitz.

It took hold. Kasianowitz treats his trips to Memorial Park as a spiritual experience. A singer in the Catholic Church, Sonny uses his time there to pray, admire Gods beauty, and spend time in nature.

"What a beautiful scene," he said of Memorial Park.

Sonny has become a popular figure at the park, as he's easily spotted by his bright colors, outgoing personality, and unique style of running. Kasianowitz does running-aerobics, which requires him to dance, move his arms, and utilize dumbbells as he works out.

"Running with my dad through Memorial Park is like running with a celebrity," said Lisa, Sonny's daughter.

Kasianowitz says he wants to run for the rest of his life. He's survived a heart attack, as well as multiple injuries, but says his routine is a major part of his life.

"Sonny has been a great inspiration for me," said Susan Kasianowitz, his wife. "He continues to push me."

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