Valley woman to showcase her business on 'Shark Tank'

Saturday, January 20, 2024
Valley woman to showcase her business on 'Shark Tank'
The Fresno mom behind the Table Tyke is taking the national stage Friday night on "Shark Tank."

FRESNO, Calif. -- It's a bucket list item for any business owner.

"You hear 'Shark Tank,' and as an entrepreneur, it's the ultimate goal," says Berlyn Haughton.

So when given the opportunity to sink or swim, Haughton jumped in head-first showcasing what's touted as the parenting hack for mealtime you won't regret buying -- The Table Tyke.

We first introduced you to Berlyn in a Small Business Spotlight piece from 2021.

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In her north Fresno home, she showed us how the mat helps in a variety of scenarios from eating, to arts and crafts.

At the time, "Shark Tank" was a dream.

"I watched so many reruns, my kids got into it," Haughton said when discussing the preparations. "I mean, we were. We would literally be in the car driving, and we would have episodes downloaded."

Ahead of her trip to the tank, Berlyn practiced her pitch and crunched the numbers so no question would catch her off guard.

"So it just becomes something that you don't even have to think about anymore," she said. "And then your numbers, I mean, literally have a printout of every possible scenario that they could ask and what the answers are."

We got a sneak peek of the upcoming episode.

Showing that enthusiasm got the sharks to show their teeth.

Berlyn and her family relocated to Tennessee a little more than a year ago for work, but the Table Tyke will always have Fresno roots.

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