Fresno woman's business gets national attention after viral TikTok

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Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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A Fresno Mom has created a way to make eating out (or dining in) with the little ones, easier.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Fresno Mom has created a way to make eating out (or dining in) with the little ones, easier.

Berlyn Haughton, creator of The Table Tyke, says, "When our boys were younger, especially at that 6-month age when they're kinda just bobbing around, they'd always hit their mouth on the table edge. My husband and I would literally take turns holding our hand across the table edge so the boys wouldn't hit their mouth."

So when Berlyn couldn't find a placemat designed to prevent that, she decided to make her own: The Table Tyke.

"The bumper protects them from table edge bumps and if they're teething because the bumper is raised and we have raised edges as well. If they do spill, their lap stays dry," she adds. "Your table edge stays protected and then all the fun sort of stays contained. Then you can pick it up, walk to the sink and shake it out."

Product use can vary from eating to arts and crafts.

Cleanup is as simple as rinsing off the spill and hanging it to dry.

As for taking it on the go, she says, "You can roll your Table Tyke up, hook it closed. It fits in diaper bags and purses."

That's something she showcased in her first-ever TikTok video.

"I leaned my phone against a bottle of olive oil and talked about the mat. I posted it, didn't think anything about it and I just had notification after notification of orders coming in," said Haughton

The video linking to the Table Tyke website would get more than 300,000 views in the first day.

Gearing up for the holiday season, Berlyn's placed her biggest order yet with her manufacturer.

The entrepreneur says soon, we'll see additional colors and complementary products. The goal is to launch those by next year.