13-year-old girl offers care packages to homeless in downtown Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES -- Valerie Fiore is on a mission this holiday to help the homeless.

"Living on the streets, it can happen to anybody and not everyone has everything that you have," the 13-year-old said.

Fiore's zest to help the homeless began about ten months ago. She and her family handed out 100 lunch bags to the homeless in downtown Los Angeles.

Fiore's mother Sandy says her daughters have nothing but compassion for the less fortunate.

"Once I took them out there the first time to hand out the lunch bags, I noticed how big their hearts were," Sandy said.

Earlier this month, Valerie and her family went out again to give away care packages. The bags included a towel, socks, comb, tissues and two snacks.

"It made me feel really good to be able to give stuff away, because not every day do they get something like that," Valerie said.

Valerie, her younger sister and mother started The Fiore Project, an organization focused on helping the homeless.

"Not a lot of kids think that they can make a difference, but if you see some people, they are amazing, are giving millions of dollars to charity. They are trying to find cures for cancer. When we grow up, we are going on to be that generation that is going to try and help the world," Valerie said.

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