New year means new restrictions for California gun owners

CALIFORNIA (KFSN) -- Proposition 63, a law approved by voters in 2016, is in effect and it changes the way licensed carriers and vendors will buy and sell ammunition but many aren't too happy with the new rules.

The new law will require anyone selling ammunition to have a license from the Department of Justice.

Ammunition purchased online will have to go through a licensed ammunition vendor, and no one will be allowed to drive ammunition across state lines.

George Bredenberg used to enjoy shooting as a hobby, however, he says there are too many stringent laws in the state and got rid of his guns so he wouldn't have to deal with them.

Lawmakers claim the new restrictions are gun violence prevention measure and are aimed at making communities safer.

Sheriff Vern Warnke disagrees, saying all this does is add a new class of criminals.

Merced Co. Sheriff, Vern Warnke said, "It wasn't long ago we were arresting people for a pocket full of methamphetamine and that made them felons. Now they're no longer felons yet a law-abiding citizen happens to not have registered ammunition becomes a felon."

The law also requires that ammunition sales be done in a face to face transaction, or through a licensed vendor.

New restrictions will also require anyone convicted of crimes to surrender their firearms before their case is closed.
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