Bryson DeChambeau lands on the cover of Sports Illustrated

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Bryson DeChambeau has landed on the cover of the November issue of Sports Illustrated with the headline "Bryson DeChambeau is Breaking Golf."

The article focuses on Bryson's body-building and how he's able to win golf tournaments by bombing it past the competition. The Clovis East grad won the U.S. Open, his first major championship, by six shots in September.

Michael Rosenberg, the author of the new Sports Illustrated article, caught up with DeChambeau at his home course of Dallas National Golf Club.

It was there that DeChambeau shared the story of how he spent all Spring on the driving range and didn't hit a single putt, despite the practice green being some 70 paces from the range.

"He's got a different approach, a different kind of brain for golf," Rosenberg told Action News. "I think people are copying him but they can't copy him completely because most brains are just not wired like that."

DeChambeau joins a rare list of Central Valley athletes to grace the cover of SI including: David Carr, Paul George, Stephone Paige, Tom Seaver, Rafer Johnson and Ickey Woods.

"The lesson of this year is: as long as the equipment is the way it is, Bryson is going to take this as far as he can take it," Rosenberg said. "He and others are going to be playing a game in five years that looks nothing like even what's being played now, but certainly not 20 years ago."

Golf's next major is the Masters, which will be played at Augusta National Golf Club, November 12-15. DeChambeau has already shared how he plans on attacking holes with his added distance, particularly on #13, a dogleg left par 5.

"There's a lot that goes into winning the Masters; it's not just a matter of distance, but he is going to try and win that event in a way that nobody has really won it," Rosenberg said. "When Tiger won in '97, they talked about 'Tiger proofing' the course. If he pulls this off, they'll talk about 'Bryson proofing' the course."
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