2017 NBA management rankings: Exec ratings, from top to bottom

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Friday, March 31, 2017

Our 2017 management rankings continue with a look at the NBA's lead basketball decision-makers off the court -- team presidents, vice presidents and general managers -- the people who have the strongest say when it comes to transactions.

We asked our ESPN Forecast panel to rate every team's basketball decision-maker(s). In particular, we asked the voters to rate each team's front-office management on its guidance and leadership in terms of how it affects overall on-court success, both in the short and long terms.

We've already unveiled our overall management and coach rankings. On Friday, we'll finish things up with our owner rankings.

Here's how the 30 franchises rank, according to our panel:

Management Rankings: GMs/presidents

Management rankings

Coaches | GMs | Owners | Overall

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