Brandon Marshall bets Lions fan

ByMichael C. Wright ESPN logo
Friday, November 14, 2014

Brandon Marshall's Twitter back-and-forth with a Detroit Lions fan Thursday morphed into a $25,000 challenge from the receiver to step into the ring.

A Lions fan reminded Marshall of his comment last November when he referred to the Lions as "little brother" of the Chicago Bears, in addition to insulting the receiver's mother.

Marshall responded by challenging the fan to step into the ring with him for $5,000, later posting on Twitter that if he lost, he'd give up another $10,000. But if Marshall won, the fan would have to serve 100 hours at an orphanage, the receiver said.

The Lions fan later upped the ante, saying that if Marshall made the bet $25,000, the two could fight in Detroit.

"@AnthonyGKalla: @BMarshall that's it? Cmon brandy make it 25 and we can do it in Detroit" 25 it is. Ha! You thought i wouldn't say yes.

- Machine Marshall (@BMarshall) November 13, 2014After agreeing to the bet, Marshall added: "And you have to apologize to my mom."

The fan didn't respond immediately. So Marshall tweeted: "Deal or no deal bro? This is your chance to back up your talk and make 25k."

The fan later responded, saying the fight could take place if the 3-6 Bears won three more games. He temporarily made his Twitter account private, before turning it back public.

Throughout the exchange, the Lions fan called Marshall "Brandy."

Marshall later took to Twitter as word of the exchange gained steam.

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