Bulldog A.D. focused on student-athlete conduct

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The arrests of three Fresno State athletes at a party on September 20th have had a sobering impact on campus. (KFSN)

The arrests of three Fresno State athletes at a party on September 20th have had a sobering impact on campus.

Athletic director Jim Bartko has been on the job for only ten months but it hasn't take long for him to have to deal with an incident which drew national attention for the wrong reasons.

The sight of three Bulldog student-athletes on a police blotter wasn't part of Bartko's vision for the athletic department.

Bartko was, "Terribly disappointed in their actions. We have great student-athletes top to bottom and those three kids - great kids. They made a mistake and they got punished for their mistake. The rest is in the hands of the DA's office."

The Fresno County District Attorney's office is pursuing criminal charges against the three. 20-year old quarterback Zack Greenlee for possession of alcohol by a minor. Linebacker Brandon Hughes for obstruction of justice and soccer player Fanny Johansson for public intoxication.

All three were suspended one game though the football players' discipline wasn't announced until hours before kickoff at San Jose State.

Bartko said, "I think it was pretty standard procedures but the process doesn't just happen. You have to get all the stuff you need so I think it is how we'll handle things."

The incident led Bartko to meet with all 19 of his head coaches to sternly remind them how their players should conduct themselves in the community.
"Just said you gotta be careful. Make sure kids know it's a privilege and there will be no tolerance for anything else. Future cases - hopefully there is none and it will never happen again."

Bartko is eyeing an $80 million dollar upgrade for Bulldog Stadium and knows it is easier to raise funds when the football team is winning. But he expected Tim DeRuyter's 1-4 squad to turn the season around.

Bartko explained, "Kids can't give up. This is a life experience where you gotta battle and you have to understand there will be adversity. There will be a lot people that take shots at all of us. But it's how you handle that adversity and how you come back."

The wrestling revival at Fresno State continued to move forward. Bartko hopes to have a men's wrestling coach and women's water polo coach hired by next spring.

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