Clippers' Doc Rivers on son Austin: 'I would trade anyone'

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Friday, January 27, 2017

Los Angeles Clipperspresident and coach Doc Rivers says he is willing to trade whomever it takes to improve his team's position to win. And that includes his son, backup point guardAustin Rivers.

"That's my job," Doc Rivers said Friday in an interview with ESPN's Rachel Nichols.

"If you think you can make your team better, you make your team better," Rivers said, speaking one day aftera reportthat theNew York Knickslet the Clippers know they are open to trading Carmelo Anthonywithout getting starsChris Paul, Blake Griffin or DeAndre Jordanin return.

"We're not talking to anyone; people are talking to us -- I guess I can say that," Rivers told ESPN. "Listen, we love our team. We believe we are good enough right now. Having said that, my job is to look at this team and see if we can get better. And if we can, we'll do it."

By rule, the Clippers couldn't deal Griffin to the Knicks with Derrick Rose still on New York's roster. A provision in the league's collective bargaining agreement says teams cannot have two designated rookie max extensions on their roster via trade.

But Rivers said even his son was on the table as a potential trade piece.

"Listen, I would trade anyone," Rivers said. "You have to be willing to do that ... and he would be one of them. And any of them would be one. But I don't want to trade any of our guys. I like our team."