Cody Bellinger pays homage to his dad after impressive Home Run Derby performance

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Los Angeles Dodgers rookie Cody Bellinger didn't win the Home Run Derby, but his performance with his father, Clay, pitching to him surely made for a memorable moment.

Cody advanced to the semifinals of the Derby after edging Colorado Rockies outfielder Charlie Blackmon 15-14 in extra time. He hit 12 homers despite appearing to run out of steam in the second round and was beat by eventual champion Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees.

Shortly after his elimination, Cody took to Twitter to pay homage to his father for the work he did.

He also handled his defeat graciously, congratulating Judge on his victory.

Clay Bellinger, now a firefighter, spent parts of four years in the major leagues from 1999-2002. He had 12 career home runs, a number his son Cody has already blown past (25) in 113 less games played.

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