Jerry unaware of fan ratio at AT&T

ByTim MacMahon ESPN logo
Monday, September 8, 2014

ARLINGTON, Texas -- A significant percentage of the 91,174 fans who filled AT&T Stadium on Sunday afternoon wore red and cheered for the San Francisco 49ers, but Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones claimed not to notice the home-field disadvantage.

"Listen, I'm interested in the football game and what went on with the game," Jones said after the Cowboys' 28-17 loss to the 49ers. "It's not good when you don't win -- from any perspective, marketing or otherwise. I had my eye on those turnovers and interest on those turnovers. I'm not even sure I know what you are talking about, to tell you the truth. OK?"

Jones bristled when asked about 49ers fans making up almost half the crowd. He responded by asking if the inquiring reporter counted the fans.

"B.S.," Jones said when told it looked like the crowd was pretty evenly split between Cowboys and 49ers fans. "I know you didn't count them. Anyway, nothing went through my mind. I was looking at the game."

According to StubHub, the 49ers-Cowboys season opener is the highest-selling game of the 2014 season on the secondary market. The third highest-selling game is the Houston Texans' Oct. 5 trip to AT&T Stadium, the Cowboys' $1.2 billion stadium.

The Cowboys are the top-selling home team, according to StubHub, while the 49ers are the top-selling away team.

"In a game like this, or any game, I just pay attention to the field," Jones said. "I won't get into that until sometime during this week, but I'll probably get any data that we get on that. But that's not something that I would really pay a lot of attention to, and the only thing I'm paying attention to is maybe the crowd noise when we got possession or we're trying to keep them from making a first down in a tight situation. ... No, I don't have any knowledge or information about the ratio of fans."

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