Our Six Favorite Dances From The Past Five Years

ByTory Barron ESPN logo
Thursday, April 30, 2015

Some athletes have all the moves, some athletes do not. In honor of #InternationalDanceDay we present the good, the bad and the ugly of athletes (and one team owner) feeling the beat:

1. Victor Cruz

This NFL star's dance moves are as famous as his athletic ability. Because it's not enough to merely blow past an entire defense, you have to hit them with a casual salsa dance in the end zone so they really feel humiliated.

2. Stephen Curry

Chef Curry's skills were a more recent discovery. Barbosa's layup? Good. Curry's reaction? Better. It's all in the hips.

3. Mercer's Kevin Canevari, aka "The NaeNae Guy"

Remember him? Canevari went viral during last year's NCAA tournament when Duke lost at the hands of Mercer. If you can't bust into an enthusiastic rendition of the NaeNae upon pulling the upset over a perennial powerhouse, then when?

4. John Wall

The Washington Wizards point guard has since moved on from dancing. Seriously, Wall doesn't "do the John Wall" anymore, because now he's mature and stuff. Fortunately we have this to look back on. We will never forget his grand introduction in D.C. Dapping up teammates or douging through them? What a trivial question.

5. Steve Ballmer

There have been a lot of great moments in the NBA this season, but it's tough to say whether any of them have elicited reactions quite as strong as the Clippers' owner watching Fergie Ferg perform at Staples Center. Steve Ballmer had no chill.

6. Peyton Manning

Oh, Peyton. It's a good thing you have supportive teammates who weren't going to let you fail alone (s/o Wes Welker). Awkward arm swing or not, he went for it, and for that we applaud him.