San Francisco 49ers' 2017 spreads for Weeks 1-16

ByBen Fawkes ESPN logo
Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Cantor Technology released the spreads for every NFL game in Weeks 1-16. Below are the lines for San Francisco's games.

Week 17 is excluded because of high variance caused by potential playoff seeding, QBs sitting out the final week or playing partial games, etc.

Here is the list for every game.

Week 1

Panthers at 49ers(+4.5)

Week 2

49ers(+13) at Seahawks

Week 3 (Thursday)

Rams at 49ers(-1.5)

Week 4

49ers(+9) at Cardinals

Week 5

49ers(+9) at Colts

Week 6

49ers(+8) at Redskins

Week 7

Cowboys at 49ers(+8.5)

Week 8

49ers(+7.5) at Eagles

Week 9

Cardinals at 49ers(+3.5)

Week 10

Giants at 49ers(+4.5)

Week 11


Week 12

Seahawks at 49ers(+7.5)

Week 13

49ers(+4) at Bears

Week 14

49ers(+9) at Texans

Week 15

Titans at 49ers(+3)

Week 16

Jaguars at 49ers(+1)