Steve Kerr, Phil Jackson meet

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

NEW YORK -- Steve Kerr met with New York team president Phil Jackson over the weekend to discuss the Knicks' vacant head-coaching job.

Kerr said he had dinner with Jackson on Friday for a few hours and also talked with him on Saturday.

"We will keep talking," said Kerr, a TNT analyst who was in Brooklyn to work Game 4 of the playoff series between the Nets and Toronto Raptors. "There is a lot to cover on both sides. This was the first time we've talked about the job. It just opened up last week. We got a lot of things to discuss."

Kerr would not divulge how he feels about the team's roster and what appeals to him about the possibility of coaching the Knicks, who fired Mike Woodson shortly after the season ended. But Kerr reiterated his interest in becoming a head coach and said that coaching the Knicks and working for Jackson, his coach while playing for the Chicago Bulls, intrigues him.

"Oh yeah, how could it not?" he said. "It's the Knicks and Phil Jackson, my coach. I would be crazy not to look into it."

Kerr said both he and Jackson have a lot of questions for each other that still need to be discussed pertaining to the job. Kerr has never coached in the NBA but was general manager of the Phoenix Suns from 2007 to '10. Jackson has made it no secret he wants the Knicks to play system basketball.

"I know Phil [said] we shared the same space, which I think is well said," Kerr said when asked if he has to employ the triangle offense if he coaches the Knicks. "We share a lot of the same philosophies. I learned a lot of my basketball from him and Tex Winter.

"It is safe to say that we have a lot of the same ideas. As far as getting into the details of the triangle and that sort of thing, I am not going to expand on that. Obviously there is a strong connection between us and our beliefs."

If Jackson hires Kerr as coach, the former sharpshooter could inherit a roster without Carmelo Anthony. Anthony will be a free agent in July if he opts out of his contract.

Kerr remained mum on his thoughts about the Knicks roster.

"Those are details that have to be private," he politely said when asked about his thoughts on the Knicks' personnel. "Those are things that Phil and I are going to discuss further, all kinds of things, organizationally, personnel-wise, but those discussions are all private."

Kerr said the Knicks likely wouldn't be interested in him if it weren't for his connection to Jackson. In the meantime, Kerr and Jackson will continue to talk and try to answer as many questions as they can about a potential reunion.

"There is just a lot to cover on both sides," Kerr said when asked about his thoughts on Jackson as a first-time executive. "He's got to ask me a lot of questions, I got to ask him a lot. And there is a lot of research that goes into this. It's a big job, it's important that on both sides that we cover all of our bases."

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