Suggs takes sartorial shot at Tomlin

ByJamison Hensley ESPN logo
Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs took a playful jab at Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin by sporting self-made apparel Tuesday.

The black T-shirt worn by Suggs depicts last season's sideline incident in which Tomlin interfered with Jacoby Jones on a kickoff return. The words "We Will Never Forget" are above the images of Tomlin and Jones, and the words "The North Remembers" are below them.

"We just wanted to let their head coach know we will never forget what transpired here last year," said Suggs, who wore the T-shirt after Tuesday's practice.

Tomlin was fined $100,000 for standing on the white stripe that borders the playing field and taking a step onto the field during Jones' return. It was the latest memorable moment in the heated series with the Steelers, who play in Baltimore on Thursday night.

"Hatred is a very strong word. But it seems fitting," Suggs said when asked to describe the rivalry. "There is a lot of respect because the two teams are so similar. We plan on displaying our thoughts of each other come Thursday."

Asked how those thoughts will be displayed, Suggs said, "Hopefully, legally, there won't be too many fines in this game. But some usually do occur."