Tim Anderson says Manny Machado 'might have' missed the boat choosing Padres over White Sox

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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Manny Machado chose Southern California over the Windy City, and the Chicago White Sox appear ready to move on.

Machado agreed to a record 10-year, $300 million deal with the San Diego Padres on Tuesday, sources told ESPN's Jeff Passan. Outspoken White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson was asked Wednesday whether Machado "missed the boat" by choosing the Padres over the White Sox.

"He might have," Anderson said. "But we're going to keep rolling. You know, you can ride with us or don't. ... We couldn't care less who's on the boat with us. We know who all is on the boat with us and we know which way we're going to sail."

Anderson was also asked whether he was relieved that Machado finally chose a team after more than three months of speculation.

"F--- yeah, maybe you all [the media] can stop asking me now," Anderson responded.

Sources told Passan that Chicago's offer to Machado could have been richer than San Diego's had the four-time All-Star reached certain incentives. The final offer from the White Sox was for eight years and $250 million, but the deal also included a pair of options that could have increased the total value to $320 million, according to Passan.

Had Machado stayed healthy throughout the deal, the likelihood is that Chicago's offer would've been worth around $340 million, sources told Passan. Machado instead opted for the guaranteed money from San Diego.

"I'm wearing my shades, so you can't see the shock in my eyes," White Sox executive vice president Kenny Williams said Tuesday after news of Machado's decision was reported. "Very surprised. There are a few other words you could put on that, but still in a little bit of disbelief. ... I honestly believe we had the best offer on the table."

White Sox manager Rick Renteria echoed the sentiments of several of his ballplayers a day later, saying the organization needs to turn the page.

"I think we have to quickly move on from it," Renteria said. "We wish [Machado] the best. ... It behooves us to put it behind us and keep moving."

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