Warriors celebrate another NBA Championship

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Back to back NBA finals. Three in the last four years. Winning has become routine, even expected for this warrior team but today that "Dub Dynasty" is cause for celebration as thousands packed the streets of Oakland to celebrate their success.

It may have been just another Tuesday in the Bay, but it felt like a federal holiday. The band marched, confetti flew and thousands gathered just to catch a glimpse of the hero's they've watched dominate the last two seasons.

"Don't know when this will happen again," said Warriors fan Ejere Elekwachi.

This is title number one for Nick Young but for the core group of Warriors it was a third celebration in four years. But instead of letting it become routine the face of the franchise called a last second audible. Two time MVP Stephen Curry leaving the bus and doing his best to shake hands and dance with everyone of the thousands of fans in attendance.

"He shimmied with me," said Warriors fan Antoinette.

While it was technically a work day, don't tell that to anyone in the Bay.

Maybe it is the fatigue of winning three titles in four years or maybe it was the Warriors footing the bill from the city for this parade but unlike the previous two parades-there was no rally at the end of the route. Players and coaches simply waved to the fans and were off.
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