Customers petition to eliminate plastic, paper bags from Target stores

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Sunday, December 29, 2019
Petition to eliminate bags from Target stores
Target customers are asking the retailer to eliminate plastic bags from their stores, the petition on has gathered over 450,000 signatures since it was first posted in January.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Target customers are petitioning the retailer to eliminate plastic bags from their stores.

The petition on has gathered over 450,000 signatures since it was posted in January, nearing its goal of half-a-million.

"Customers Who Care," the group that started the petition, asks to eliminate even paper bags, saying that the carbon footprint of paper production is even greater.

Protest organizer, Theresa Carter and other Target shoppers plan to deliver pages with more than 455,000 signatures to the corporation's headquarters in Minneapolis, hoping the company will make a "New Years' resolution."

"This is a perfect time for Target to make a New Year's resolution to take an important step in reducing its plastic pollution footprint by eliminating plastic bags," Carter said in a statement to ABC7 News. "These bags never truly go away and have a massive impact on the environment. We want Target to know that ultimately its customers will love them for doing the right thing for the planet."

The petition calls for Target to commit to eliminating plastic bags that Carter says are "choking the earth."

"For those of us who also shop at Costco or IKEA, we know we can survive without plastic bags, " the petition writes.

If Target continues to provide bags for purchase, the petition also asks that the retailer charge a "meaningful" amount.

"This petition, driven directly by Target customers, will end the year being the largest environmental petition on in the US.," said Michael Jones, managing director of campaigns at "That kind of people power can't be ignored, and should send a loud message to Target that its customers are paying attention and want to see Target be responsive and show leadership on addressing plastic bag pollution."