Ohio man arrested for allegedly planning terror attack on 4th of July parade in Cleveland

CLEVELAND, Ohio (KFSN) -- An Ohio man is set to appear in court Monday after authorities said he planned a terror attack in Cleveland. Investigators believe he wanted to work with Al Qaeda to pack a van with explosives and attack the city's Fourth of July parade.

Officials arrested Demetrius Pitts after they say he told an undercover agent about his plans. Pitts is a US citizen and it is not clear if he had access to explosives or if he has a history of using them.

Authorities revealed during a morning press conference that the suspect told officials he wanted to attack our nation and its values.

VIDEO: FBI discusses arrest in connection to terror attack planned for Fourth of July in Cleveland

Justin Herdman, U.S. Attorney, said, "He wanted us to be afraid to speak our minds. He also wanted us to be afraid to gather together in public places. So I ask this week that we all continue to gather, continue to celebrate America."

An FBI Special Agent said Pitts scouted out locations this past week for a site to attack in downtown Cleveland. He said it's not clear how close Pitts was to carry out his threats but says authorities couldn't sit back and wait.
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