Bigfoot, UFOs and everything in between is examined in 'The Proof Is Out There'

Host Tony Harris and analysts try to determine what's real and what will remain a mystery.

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Thursday, October 5, 2023
Bigfoot is the big story in season four of 'The Proof Is Out There'
Bigfoot, UFOs, mutants and mysteries all come to light in season four of 'The Proof Is Out There.'

LOS ANGELES -- Bigfoot, UFOs, myths and legends all come into focus in The History Channel's "The Proof Is Out There."

Host Tony Harris told On The Red Carpet there's "all kinds of madness" in season four.

"We've got stuff crawling, we've got stuff in the seas, we've got stuff on land we've got cigar-shaped UFOs, we've got stuff from from Homeland Security, we've got stuff from the Defense Department, we've got we've got a scientist in Mexico rolling out alleged alien corpses before the Mexican Congress! We've got someone dedicated to UFO's, someone just hired, dedicated to UFOs," Harris said. "We've got an embarrassment of riches we've got to sort through it."

The first story they sort through is the mystery of Bigfoot. The season premiere episode sees analysts combing over several videos, including one particular video from Florida in 2012 that captured their attention, as well as videos of hoaxers that had people questioning.

"What it does for us is a couple of things. First of all, this fascination... has been with us for decades when we get a piece of video that we can do with deep, deep dive on, we can then turn that video over to our experts and they can sort of analyze it and tell us whether this is real, or fakery or falsified or if it's authentic."

"We get to update everyone... on the story of Bigfoot, right from the 50s forward. And it continues to be a fascination," Harris said.

The season four premiere of "The Proof Is Out There" airs Friday at 10pm EST/ 9pm CST on The History Channel.

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