Tulare County's agriculture community struggles to cope with devastation from recent storms

Saturday, March 18, 2023

TIPTON, Calif. (KFSN) -- In Tulare County - the Agriculture Community is feeling the impact of recent storms.

The Tule Rivers stretches for miles from Porterville and passes under Highway 99 into areas near Tipton, Allensworth, and others.

Local farmer, Brandon Mendonsa, says everyone tried to prepare as best they could and are now saving what they can.

"The devastation is indescribable," Mendonsa says. "We haven't had to evacuate our farm, but my neighbors have been evacuated and anyone who is not flooded is helping the ones who are."

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He says thousands of cattle have been evacuated from dairies and says everyone is coming together and bracing for what's to come.

"Everything is changing rapidly, and the water is still coming. This is far from being done."

Tulare County's agriculture community is reeling from the impact of recent storms, with the Tule River flooding and devastating farms and dairies.

An Incident Management Team is set up in Tulare County.

About 500 people are working there to help city and county officials mitigate the impact of recent storms.

"Responding to calls in areas flooding or breaches, we go out and work on that alongside the sheriff's office," Incident Management Team member Tyree Zander says.

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