Flooding impacting roadways across Tulare County

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Wednesday, January 24, 2024
Flooding impacting roadways across Tulare County
In west Goshen, the roadway was flooded on Avenue 308 and Road 52 on Tuesday morning.

TULARE COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- In west Goshen, the roadway was flooded on Avenue 308 and Road 52 on Tuesday morning.

Large puddles were at least several inches deep.

Neighbors say water like this is nothing new; they've been dealing with flooding on this road for years.

Now, they have a message for drivers who travel through this area.

"There's certain areas that get so flooded it's dangerous. Especially the cars and trucks that fly by here at like 100 miles an hour," says one resident named Sally as a driver sped past the flooded road.

Sally, who didn't want to be on camera, has been living on Avenue 308 in West Goshen since 2008.

She says it has always flooded during rainy days.

This recent round of showers-was no exception, the water even covered some driveways.

"You can't even get in and out of their homes," says Sally, "Sometimes their kids don't even come out to go to school because it's so flooded."

Denise England with the Tulare County Roads department says part of the problem is,

"Most of our roads do not have curbs, gutters, and sidewalks associated with them as cities do. It's mostly, you know, a rural road with a dirt shoulder, and so the drainage sort of handles itself over a period of time."

The county was able to use state funds from last year's floods to clear up channel ways-

but as long as floodwaters are still present, they urge people to drive safely.

"It doesn't take much water to cause your vehicle to hydroplane or to cause your vehicle to be swept away if the water is moving across the road, and water is very powerful," explains Denise.

Neighbors in this area also ask drivers not to speed, especially with children around.

"So slow down because I have grandkids," Sally pleads, "There've been a few accidents here where people don't even stop or slow down."

At this point, Tulare County officials say there are no road closures in place- but that can change at any moment.

They ask anyone who notices a flooded roadway to call and ensure the proper signs are placed in the area.

They also mention if you need sandbags, county fire stations should have them.

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