Dodger 'Baseball Head' pulls out all the stops for World Series

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Tuesday, October 23, 2018
Dodger 'Baseball Head' gets ready for World Series
Valente Quintero is just an average guy from East Los Angeles - but when it's Dodger season, he turns into "Baseball Head."

EAST LOS ANGELES -- He's an average guy from East Los Angeles but when it's time for Dodger baseball, Valente Quintero turns into a new man.

Quintero refers to himself as "Baseball Head" because that's what he is. His wife is the makeup artist who brings the magic to life. A process that once took several hours now only takes the couple about 45 minutes to complete.

Those 45 minutes don't look so bad in a time lapse. But let's not forget - they do this for every single home game.

"I started doing cancer fundraisers with Dodgerup, it was awesome. From there on, I kept doing it and now it's been five years," Quintero said.

The white paint is mixed with glue so the stitching stays on and they make their own tattoos to put all over his head.

"We took it to a different level and started putting the coaches the team and fan pictures as well," Valente said.

This year for the first home game of the World Series, he's going all out with full body paint.