Seniors fall in love all over again during special Valentine's Day ceremony at PA living facility

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Friday, March 3, 2023
Seniors fall in love again during a special V-Day ceremony
Valentine's Day was an extra special day for seniors at Brightview Senior Living Devon with three couples renewing their vows in front of family and friends.

WAYNE, Pennsylvania -- It was a special Valentine's Day for seniors at Brightview Senior Living Devon this year.

Three couples -- married for more than half a century each -- renewed their vows in front of family, friends and loved ones.

Connie and John Brignola have been married for 62 years!

"It's very important for us through all the hard days we've had in the past to celebrate this day," explains Connie. "We met accidentally 65 years ago and never knew it but we lived around the corner from each other! It just blossomed from there on in."

Bill and Donna Rae McDonough have been celebrating life together for 51 years. They have great advice for couples starting their journey together in marriage.

Bill says, "I would say talk to each other, express your feelings. Sometimes it might be difficult. Really means a lot to communicate with each other."

"Any time your partner is leaving, be sure to kiss them. And kiss them when they get home," says Donna Rae. "It keeps the bond close. It's so important."

Leo and Kay Carlin have been going strong for 62 years.

Kay says, "You really have to believe in the vows. Believe them, practice them every day. It's a commitment to each other."

Her best advice? "Never go to bed angry. Don't stay angry long. It's not worth it. And love is always the bond."

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