What's Victor E. Bulldog up to during the coronavirus outbreak?

Monday, March 30, 2020
What's Victor E. Bulldog up to during the coronavirus outbreak?
With campus closed due to COVID-19, Fresno state mascot Victor E. Bulldog is using his free time to take naps, relax and shelter in place.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The most recognizable face at Fresno State is the school's mascot, Victor E III.

With campus closed, the bulldog's schedule is open. Action News caught up with Victor to see how he's been sheltering in place at home.

Victor E III became the mascot for Fresno State when he was just four months old. He turned five this month.

San Joaquin Memorial grad Gina De Young is the live mascot program coordinator, which mean she manages Victor's busy schedule.

Gina landed the job with Fresno State's alumni association last September.

"There's a lot of demand for Victor. I try to keep it very well paced for him. Up to any given day he could have up to four appearances in his day so we make sure we give him breaks and time to play."

The bulldog receives top notch care 24/7 and is in demand seven days a week from campus to community appearances.

"A lot of people I interact with say they have bulldogs at home, or this is the first time they've met Victor, this has been on their bucket list. He's emblematic of the Fresno state spirit," Gina says.

Jacqui Glasener is the executive director of the alumni association and is also his caretaker.

"He's practicing social distancing like the rest of us, we've been out on walks. He was sniffing some of the flowers, the thing that Victor is good at, and he loves to be out with people. "

Jacqui says you can keep up with the bulldog on social media but he misses seeing all the students on campus. He has been using the down time to relax.

"He's enjoying some naps and some extra time to be at home and relax because he normally runs a pretty heavy schedule."

Victor can be requested to appear at events on the Fresno State alumni association page. One trick he loves doing is the 'Go dogs' fist pump.

Gina also shared with me that it is good luck to pet the mascot.

So when Victor returns to campus and games, make sure you give him a pat.