No win from Warriors, but team still gives back on Christmas

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Christmas with the Golden State Warriors started with a giant surprise for 32 Oakland Public School students. Stephen Curry walked into the middle of their holiday party to wish them a Merry Christmas.

"When Curry walked in I wanted to cry, from tears of joy," Acharia Shephard, a fifth grader, said.

Shephard, like many of the other students, had never been to a Warriors game before. They thought that's all they were at the Oracle Arena to do.

"Today was awesome," Camielle Mackey-Washington, another fifth grader, said.

"We've been lucky to have such great support from the community and we want to turn that around and support the community where we all live, work, and play," Brandon Schneider, Chief Revenue Officer for the Golden State Warriors, said.

Players presented the students with gifts right before the start of the game. It filled the court with the same holiday spirit found all over the stadium.

Fans shouted, "Merry Christmas" from the stands.

The McClanahans have made the Warriors their holiday tradition.

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"On a special day like this and you can spend it with your family, it's always the best time," Kennon McClanahan said.

"We come from Hong Kong," Hoiyee Lau said.

The game was a gift for Lau's son. He was excited.

"Yeah very," Jayden Teng said. "This is the first time."

Pat Daniel rocked her present to the game.

"This is a gift from Amy (Daniel's niece) because I'm a Golden State fan in a Golden State outfit," Daniel said.

The majority of Oracle Arena asked for the same thing this year, a win over the Lakers.

"I don't really like them I hope they lose tonight," Jose Castro, a Warriors fan, said.

Santa clearly lost the list, or maybe only saw Essa Shaghesi's.

"Go Lakers," Shaghesi said.

The final score was Warriors 101, Lakers 127.

The Warriors will play the Portland Trailblazers on Thursday night at 7:30 p.m. at Oracle Arena.

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