Places around Fresno to take the kids as temperatures warm up

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Smiles and laughter go hand in hand with splash parks.

Martin Ray Reilly is just one of several local parks where kids can cool down with the water features.

John Weisner figures he'll be out here all summer long.

"I got drug out here with him," he said. "My grandson and I. Usually we just stay home when it gets real hot but we come out here in the morning. It's just a comfortable spot for the kids."

Popsicles and ice cream help kids forget about the heat. So does a cool drink.

The adults found plenty of relief in the shade.

Some people are urged to limit their outdoor activity when it gets hot, but that doesn't seem to apply to energetic kids.

"I like to play in the water," said young Travis Costa. "Play 'tag you're it' too and I like to go down the slide."

Many of the kids were headed home shortly after noon to avoid the hottest time of the day, but they weren't done playing in the water.

"I'm gonna go swim," said Kallon Mattox. "I have this tiny pool in the backyard, so I like to go in that."

For those who need a much bigger pool to cool off in, Fresno Unified has started to open its high school facilities to the public.

The sparkling cold water in the Fresno High pool is perfect when the temperatures rise.

Linda Mobley's grandkids insisted she took them there.

"It cools them off. It relaxes them," Mobley said. "It's just so fun to have fun. Swimming and good exercise."

Swimming lessons are also available for kids who want to learn.

If temperatures in Fresno 105 degrees Tuesday, the city will open cooling centers at four locations, Frank H. Ball, Ted C. Wills, the Mosqueda Center, and Pinedale Community Center.
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