Gov. Newsom outlines four-step plan for gradual reopening of California businesses

Governor Gavin Newsom and state officials outlined a four-step plan for reopening non-essential businesses in California on Tuesday.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Governor Gavin Newsom and state officials outlined their plan for reopening businesses in California on Tuesday.

The plan was broken down into four stages, wherein the reopening of non-essential business would gradually occur in response to data provided by health officials.


In stage one, the state said it will continue to increase daily testing and build up the supply of PPE for hospitals for potential surges in coronavirus cases. Essential businesses currently operating will continue to make working conditions as safe a possible. California is currently in stage one of the reopening plan.


The second stage of reopening will allow lower risk, non-essential businesses to reopen with social distancing adaptations for workers and customers.

The business included in the stage consists of retail stores opening with curbside pick up and manufacturers making non-essential items, such as toys, implementing social distancing in their warehouses.

State officials said public spaces and parks that were once closed could also reopen in stage two while implementing social distancing guidelines.

The state said it will also look to provide financial aid to workers if they stay home if they are sick.

Childcare facilities and schools could also begin opening in stage two, Newsom said. The governor said the state is looking at starting school as early as July, but did not confirm an official plan.

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During stage two, the state would also recognize regional variation for modifying local stay-at-home orders from county to county based on local health department's data.

Officials said California is weeks away from moving into stage two if social distancing and testing continues.


In stage three, businesses with a higher risk for the spread of the virus, such as beauty salons, entertainment venues or sporting events, would be allowed to reopening with adaptations to adhere to social distancing.

Churches and weddings could also reconvene while practicing physical distancing precautions.


Officials say California will enter stage four when the risk of contracting the virus has decreased due to population immunity or if a vaccine has been procured.

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The update is part of the state's six-point plan to reopen. California needs to make progress on the following six criteria, Newsom says, in order to lift restrictions:

  • Expanding testing and doing contact tracing for those who test positive

  • Being able to protect California's most vulnerable populations, including seniors, homeless individuals and those with compromised immunity

  • Ensuring medical facilities are equipped to handle potential surges

  • Working with research hospitals and other research partners to pursue therapies for the virus

  • Making sure businesses, schools, and other public spaces can continue physical distancing

  • Being able to return to more strict measures, as needed

As of Tuesday, the state is testing more than 20,000 people per day. Newsom reported 54 people died overnight from the virus.

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